Water Pressure is an issue as cities grow and develop, particularly those who live on hills or near hills. The reason for this, is that people who live on or near hills will typically have high water pressure as the city needs to pump pressure up to those up the hill, leaving the unsuspecting homeowners below with really high water pressure. What’s worse as the city constantly works on the water lines, at night time your water pressure spikes at night. So say you have 100 PSI during the day, you will be looking at possibly have 115-130 PSI overnight.

Having high water pressure can and will cause some nasty water damage that you do not want to deal with. There is one solution for this. A PRV or know as a Pressure Regulator Valve. This allows the water to come in to the home at an adequate pressure. The reason these are necessary, are that your plumbing, whether it is your plumbing lines, water softeners, hot water tanks, faucets or other fixtures are not designed in most cases to withstand more than 80 PSI (pounds per square inch) for a long period of time. Everyday you do not address this issue, you risk possibly flooding your home. Nobody wants to deal with that. In most cases these valves can be installed in the home usually within a half an hour. Sometimes they have to be installed in the main line outside in a box, this all depends on the plumbing in the home.

As you know, with plumbing most of the time when you have a major leak or flood, it is usually when you are gone from the home for an extended period of time. So call us here at Enchanted Waters today @ 505-341-9000 so that one of our plumbers can come check your pressure and leave you with a peace of mind know that your home isn’t over pressurized with water.