Preeminent Water Softener Service in Albuquerque

Is your home in need of plumbing and water installation services? Do you live in Albuquerque? If so, worry not. Enchanted Waters Albuquerque is here to save your day. We are a fully serviced plumbing and water installation / repair Services Company in Albuquerque. We have been in the business for close to 20 years now. We have provided clear cut customer satisfaction. And our techs value great customer relations and efficiency in their job. Our services are quite affordable. For your water softener installation we are always one call away. We understand that hard water contains a lot of minerals that could damage your water fixtures and drainage pipes.

So Why Install A Water Softener?

Hard water is rich in minerals. When hard water runs through your drainage pipes and water fixtures it leaves mineral deposits along the way. These mineral deposits for instance calcium will build up with time. When they do so they scale up along the pipes and corrode the piping system. Over time it will cause leakages and bursts along the drainage system. In addition they will lead to low water pressure since they will clog the pipes and leave your water with limited room to flow through. When you use hard water in your household appliances this scale that builds up is a poor conductor of heat and will lead to high costs of power and damaged heaters, kettles, and coffee makers.

How Does A Water Softener Work?

The water softener system that we use gets rid of the minerals that make your water hard. These minerals are mainly magnesium and calcium. Typically a water softener system comes with two main components a tank and a water softening system that has negatively charged polystyrene or resins. This water softening system is filled inside the tank and bonded to positively charged sodium ions. So when your water flows through the resin it allows the sodium ions to trade places with hard magnesium ions. In turn what flows out of the system is soft water with ideal soft sodium ions.

In What Ways Will Water Softener Help You?

If you use water softener in your home it will save you from too much use of soap and detergent. It will also eliminate corrosion from your pipes, shower system, bathtubs, and water fixtures. And above all that it will prevent pipe clogging. Therefore using water softener system simply assists in eliminating any unwanted costs that poor plumbing costs could cause in your home.

So what are you waiting for? If you need quick fix to your water softener or professional installation simply call us at Enchanted Waters. You will savor in our 20 years experience and the most affordable water treatment services in Albuquerque.