Tankless Water Heaters

Are you ready to make the change to the newest, most efficient water heating technology of today? It’s no secret anymore that going on demand tankless is the way to go when it’s time to replace that big ole dinosaur tank just wasting all kinds of space in your home and always running out of hot water. We recommend the Navien tankless water heaters as our choice to install in your home. Navien was one of the very first on demand tankless water heaters to be introduced in the U.S. market and continue to be the leader with stainless steel heat exchanger and burner allows for a longer life and the best warranties in the business. Another unique feature is the “buffer tank” which eliminates the dreaded hot and cold water sandwich that happen with other units. Call us today and receive 10% off with a site survey and water test. 505-341-9000


Advantages of a tankless water heater

The benefits of a tankless water heater are why the new home builders of today are installing these into their new construction homes replacing the old, antiquated water heater. These compact units free up a lot of space where the old water heater used to sit. They’ll never run out of hot water and only heats the water you use. You can shave up to 20% off of your water heating bill and no flooding worries due to a heavy, rock filled, ruptured water heater tank!

  • Never run out of hot water again
  • Lasts 5 – 10 years longer than a tank
  • Up to 20% more efficient than a tank
  • No standby heat loss like a tank
  • Only heat the water you need