The Costs of Hard Water

Tap water can damage just about everything it touches from coffee makers to water heaters. In fact, the American Water Works Assn. says hard water will reduce the life expectancy of your plumbing and water using appliances 30% to 70% ! That is costing you a bundle!


Energy Costs Rise with Hard Water

Only 1/2 inch of scale in your water heater will cause a 70% increase in your water heater energy bill. That only takes about 2 years to happen! That costs you money!


Clothing Deteriorates up to 30% Faster

Soap scum lodges into the fibers of your clothing causing them to become brittle and break in the tumbling action of your dryer. The excess breakage ends up in the dryer’s lint trap and the clothes always end up dull and dingy before their time.


Excess Soap Required

Hard water cause you to use excess amounts of harsh and expensive detergents and cleaners which has a negative impact on our environment.